Waterfront Blues Festival & NW tour, 2017

What can I say.....being a part of the 30th Anniversary of the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland Oregon was a for sure highlight! We had so much fun performing, and meeting new fans/friends and seeing old friends...it was an adventure I won't forget! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing band mates/musicians! I couldn't be more proud. And I am equally as blessed with some amazing and supportive friends with whom I leaned on a bit along the way to Portland, Vancouver, WA, Birkenfeld, Eugene, etc. They fed us, laughed with us, drove with us and open their homes and hearts....WOW. This entire tour made me take a few steps back and see how lucky I am! 

On our Northwest tour we performed at the Torch Club in Sacramento, The Safeway Waterfront in Portland Oregon, The Birk in Birkkenfeld, OR, Billy's Blues Bar in Vancouver, WA, the Portland Spirit cruise, out to Reno, then back to Sacramento (Carmichael car/bike show), Visalia and ending our run in Bakersfield! What a run! 

AND, Thank you to those of your who supported us and purchased some CD's, T-shirts, MY TANK tops! STILL very excited about those.....and told us how much you enjoyed our performance,. That means everything.... Until we see you again Northwest...keep on rockin! Shari Puorto and the boys....

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