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12/20/18 - Live at Bogie's - Review: RootsTime, Belgium 

11/20/18: Review, Live at Bogies by, Graham Clarke, Friday Blues Fix Blog, Blues Bytes 

L.A.-based singer/songwriter Shari Puorto made a lot of waves with her 2016 release, My Obsession, which put her soulful vocals and songwriting on full 
display.  Recently, she released Live at Bogie’s (Little Lightning Productions), a stellar live set of blues, roots, and blues-rock recorded in Westlake, CA with 
bandmates John DePatie (guitar), Frank Scarpelli (bass), John Greathouse (keys, vocals), and Mike Sauer (drums, vocals).  The twelve-song set includes 
eight originals co-written by Puorto, plus four fine covers. 

Those who enjoyed her previous release will be happy to hear several songs from that most excellent album......the R&B/funk of “It’s A Damn Shame” and the humorous “My Obsession,” the supremely soulful “Sugar Daddy” and “All About You,” and the blues-rockers “Home of the Blues” and “Six Months Sober.”  There are also a pair of songs from earlier releases, the rocking “Outta My Mind” from Down The Road, and the gritty ballad “All I Want Is You,” from Real.  These songs were co-written by Puorto with Johnny Hawthorn, Barry Goldberg, Alastair Greene, Tony Braunagel, and Jimmy Vivino, and she shows an ability to add a fresh touch to familiar blues themes. 

The covers include a tasty reading of Randy Newman’s “Guilty”..may be the best interpretation of this song I’ve heard.  Candi Staton’s “Evidence” gets a performance that comes mighty close to the original, and her take on Savoy Brown’s fiery rocker “I’m Tired” is a lot of fun, too.  Puorto closes the disc with an exquisite version of Steve Winwood’s Blind Faith classic “Can’t Find My Way Home.” 

Puorto does a marvelous job with vocals on this set and shows an easy rapport while engaging the audience between songs.  The band is first-rate in support.   If you’re not familiar with Shari Puorto, Live at Bogie’s is a great place to get started.  You’ll definitely want to hear more. 

10/12/18: Shari Puorto Band to headline inaugural SoCal Divas of Blues festival in Temecula 
Valley News, Temecula, CA 

Shari Puorto of the Shari Puorto Band performs in front of a live audience at the Old Town Blues Club, Saturday, Sept. 22. The singer and her band will...MORE HERE   

9/24/18: Shari's interview with Vinny Marini, Music on the Couch, Check it out here 
More info here too.  


9/20/18: Shari Puorto featured on 'Making a Scene" More HERE 


9/14/18, Valley News, Shari Puorto to headline Diva Blues Festival, 10/27/18 in Temecula, CA 
Read about event here: https://www.myvalleynews.com/story/2018/09/14/entertainment/socal-divas-of-blues-plan-to-bring-the-blues-back-to-temecula/62527.html 


Easy Reader News - 8/30/18 - Local star plays locally 
Hermosa Beach based Shari Puorto and band performs on the Main Stage during Fiesta Hermosa, Labor Day weekend...MORE HERE 

August, 2018: Blues Magazine Review: Live at Bogies, Shari Puorto Band 
A great album with an exciting display of a very soulful concert. MORE here: https://www.bluesmagazine.nl/recensie-shari-puorto-band-live-at-bogies/ 


Recommendation:  Don’t even think about it – just Get it! 

Review:  Shari Puorto and her band have been tearing up the Southern California blues scene for years, and this live recording from Westlake Village’s Bogie’s demonstrates just why she is so popular.  Her songwriting is excellent, and has won her an award in the Song of the Year competition while that sexy voice has won the award for Best Female Vocalist in the Southbay Music Awards.  Truthfully, it’s a “Damn Shame” that she is not more widely known, as she is one of the best blues singers in the genre today.  If you live anywhere in Southern California, we strongly encourage you to go catch her show live! More HERE 


August 1, 2018: Live at Bogie's CD release review: Nashville Blues society - Don & Sheryl Crow 


Powerful Women In Contemporary Blues Week continues here in the Crow household.  We bring forth another sexy Siren of song.  Shari Puorto may remind many fans of Bonnie Bramlett with her soulful, and sexy-playful delivery, and, altho her studio recordings easily stand on their own merits, it is her live shows where she is at her best.  Her latest set fulfills her dream of a live recording, with the scaldin’-hot “Live At Bogie’s,” in Westlake, CA.  This one has eight of Shari’s originals and four cool covers.  Along for this mighty sweet ride is her killer backing band, including John DePatie on guitars, Frank Scarpelli on bass, Mike Sauer on drums and backing vocals, and Jon Greathouse on keys and backing vocals. 

This band cooks behind a great singer, and they blast off with one of Shari’s originals, where she tells a lover that “It’s A Damn Shame” he threw a good love away!  Another cool original finds our heroine surrounded by black cats, bad luck and trouble, and “seven rooms of gloom,” in “The Home Of The Blues, baby!”  She has a lotta fun calling out a cheatin’ lover on a cool read of Candi Staton’s “Evidence” of “some other woman in some old place!”  Then she switches gears to play the part of every man’s dream, vowing to please her “Sugar Daddy, when he gets wound up tight!”  She closes the set on a high note, as she and the band blast out a six-minute read of Winwood’s “Can’t Find My Way Home,” with stellar guitar from John. 

We had two favorites, too.  A fine example of guitar-and-keys-driven blues-rock has our heroine boasting of “Six Months Sober from you!”  And, if you are a fan of Shari’s music, you know how much she loves SHOES!  Her playful, good-time original, “My Obsession,” deals with just that, including “thigh-high boots with zippers, just like the strippers wear,” and “those I’ll probably never wear!”  This one features some funky B-3 work from Jon Greathouse, too. 

Shari Puorto continues to be a force in contemporary blues.  Enjoy this set in front of a raucous, ready-to-rumble crowd, “Live At Bogie’s!”  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society. 


July 19, 2018 - Live at Bogie's CD release - Shari Puorto Band 
by, Professor Johnny P's Juke Joint 
"Let me say this as plainly as I can. I think that Shari Puorto could be the next big breakout singer. She’s got all the tools – a great voice, a top notch band, and superb writing skills. This latest album, Live At Bogies, shows that she can work a crowd extremely well and her song selection is quite moving." MORE HERE: 


June 2018 - Reviews, Live at Bogie's release 

The Shari Puorto Band - “Live at Bogie's” This album is Funky, High Energy, Hip, Happening & Dripping with Soulful Vocals.  Shari Puorto is surely a “Darling of the Blues”  Cleve Baker – Confessing the Blues Radio Network 

“Shari’s a road warrior touring non-stop across the USA and now, after some fine studio releases, those of us unlucky enough not to see her perform live can get a taste of the Shari Puorto live experience in full flight on a fantastic live album. Ms Puorto is a fabulous singer, right up there with Bonnie Bramlett in my pantheon of soulful blues singers and backed by a great band this record shows just how good she is. The 12 tracks on "Live at Bogies" are a testament to her blues journey so far with stand out numbers like 'Six Months Sober' and 'All I Want Is You' making you instantly reach for the repeat button. Fans will love it, newbies need to hear it. Blues like it should be." 
CD review “Live at Bogie’s”, Stuart Hamilton: Blues Matters! & The Rocker, UK - May 16, 2018 


May, 2018 Temecula Blues Festival, 2018, recap 
Backstage 360 Magazine, Big P Raymond 

Ladies and Gentleman, Shari Puorto! Shari walks out and dazzled the audience with her perfect pitched vocals that launches her ship out on the Bluzzy blue waters to delivers a set of standards and originals that blistered. The Blues Diva captured and held the crowed note for note. Although I couldn’t really tell, it seemed like on one side of her brain she was focused grounded and prepared yet, on the other side, she was wild and free moving from one side of the stage to the other. No doubt, a seasoned pro with a captivating voice.  What more can one ask for? Just at the end of Shari’s set the unthinkable happened “we lost power”!! Yes, the blues train has suddenly come to an abrupt stop and this can be a promoter’s worst nightmare. Remaining calm, Andy Doty and staff kicked into high gear. It was a slight delay, giving the audience a moment to relax and catch their breath. The Doty team initiates Delta Pattern 1 to commandeer three electric generators, a quick hook-up and the Blues turbo train fires up the engines and leaves the station without a hitch. Very impressive. 


April, 2018 
Live CD ANNOUNCEMENT for the Shari Puorto Band- Live at Bogie's 

February 16, 2018 
Temecula Blues Festival celebrates roots of American music 
Valley News 

The highly regarded, South Bay-based vocalist, Shari Puorto Band, is scheduled to perform at the Inaugural Temecula Blues Festival. Courtesy photo. Smooth, sexy and soulful are all words used to describe the blues, a musical genre that can trace its roots back to the Mississippi Delta more than a ... 


July 12, 2017 
Facebook - Phil Delazerda - Shari Puorto I thought it was one of the best sets of the (Waterfront Blues Festival, 2017) Fest and I was there all 5 days! 


July 5, 2017  William Coultas 
So, day five ends with, of course, a bang. If you are like me though, you felt something else. As I told a new friend who was a first time at the Waterfront Blues Fest attendee, we felt Portland at its finest. The best of its people, and the best of what we all know our city has in it. It wasn't a band aid, or a cure all for some of the things that have hurt us real bad over the past 45 or so days. It was a welcome breath of fresh air, that changed us for five days, and brought us back together, as a whole and healthy community should be. As we know we can be. For most of that we owe a huge thanks to the Oregon Food bank once again. And to the performers who come here for a reason. Thanks to, and these are only a few, Billy D & The Hoo Doos, Elvin Bishop, Dirty Bourbon River Show, Chris Isaak, Big Monti, Greyhounds, Pimps of Joytime, Norman Sylvester, Lloyd Jones, Joss Stone, Monkey Junk, and Dave Pinsky. Personal thanks to Scott Pemberton, The Icon Curtis Salgado, Monkey Junk, and especially Shari Puorto Band. Their shows blew me INTO the water! We felt the bang of the fireworks tonight, but I'm sure you felt the Stumptown strong vibe that makes us the nothing can beat us, RipCity resilient, people that we are and always will be. The gift you gave us helped put some pieces back together. We were safe.....Much appreciated, and much love to you all. 


July 2, 2017 
Day 2 wrap up: 2017 Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival - Oregon Music News 
It wasn't too much of a walk over to the First Tech Blues Stage to catch Shari Puorto and her fabulous band. Puorto, who has mysteriously been off my ...MORE 


July 2, 2017 
Oregon Music News 

Shari Puorto Band at Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival 7-1-2017 - Photos. By JOHN RUDOFF 


June 2, 2017 
Little Lightning Productions presents, The Shari Puorto Band's Northwest Tour. Hitting the road 6/29/17! Check out this press release to catch them in action this summer! http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=198221 


May, 2017, Waterfront Blues Festival celebrates 30 years in 2017! 
Join blues legends, up-and-comers and local regional acts to mark the 30th Anniversary of the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival, presented by First Tech Federal Credit Union, June 30 - July 4, 2017 at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Artists such as, Canned Heat, Elvin Bishop, Joss Stone, Shari Puorto and more. "For three decades this event has supported Oregon Food Bank while reaffirming and strengthening the threads that bind us as a community," says Artistic Director Peter Dammann. "This has become one of the nation's great community music festivals and it could only happen like this in Portland." . More information found HERE 


Feb 22, 2017 
Little Lightning Productions & The Rhythm Room are pleased to announce, Shari Puorto & Deb Ryder coming together to perform. Two Powerhouse Singer/Songwriter's appearing together for one special night! Plan for what should prove to be a remarkable event with these two ladies! You can't go wrong this night at the infamous Rhythm Room in Phoenix Arizona. More HERE 


Jan 6, 2017 
Little Lightning Productions, The Shari Puorto Band , Los Angeles, CA, USA, January 6, 2017 
Little Lightning Productions & The Coach House is pleased to announce, The Shari Puorto Band performing with Tommy Castro & the Pain Killers at The Coach House Concert Hall in San Juan Capistrano, CA on Friday, 1/13/17. More: http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=195562