From the recording Jingle Bell...NOT!

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Jingle Bell....NOT!
We hope you are safe and well!
What started out as having some goofy fun with the band...ended up with a video and a message (and please feel free to download this song for 99c). COVID-19 has hit everyone across the globe in so many destructive ways therefore we are not taking this lightly. With this said, we thought we'd help musicians (like ourselves) by doing what we can to spread the word and to raise awareness on how the majority of musicians are not allowed to work due to the current pandemic. Professional musicians rely on touring and performing to pay their bills and put food on the table. Again, please know we are not taking this situation lightly as we too have lost loved ones due to COVID-19. However, this video is to simply remind everyone (in a fun way) that if we truly do what is needed like wearing our masks and being overly cautious, we can beat this and it can be done!! Let's do this together!

We wish you all a healthy, safe, and happy Holiday season! With love and music in our hearts…Shari, and the Shari Puorto Band

Shari Puorto (vocals), Doug Woolverton (bass), Eugene Gorsky (guitar), Mike Sauer(drums)

Recorded at Sauerhead Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Engineer: Mike Sauer
Mixed by: Doug Woolverton
Produced by: Shari Puorto Band